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Intel / Dialogic Telephony Boards

Dialogic was the leading market share brand of computer telephony hardware. A few years back, Dialogic was purchased by Intel. Recently the Dialogic brand was acquired by Eicon, who then took on the name Dialogic Corp.

Active Call Center Company does not have a close relationship with Dialogic so we are unable to provide detailed technical support for this hardware. We strongly advise customers to work with one of our Dialogic distribution partners (like CTDistributing when configuring a Dialogic solution. The distribution partner will be able to provide installation assistance and troubleshooting for the hardware purchased from them.

We have extensively tested Active Call Center with the Dialogic D/4PCI board under Windows 2000 and Windows XP with Dialogic's TAPI / Wave drivers. Our tests indicate that the D/4PCI is fully compatible with Active Call Center with the following exception: announced call transfers may not work with all phone systems. The version of the Dialogic drivers tested was: version 5.1.1. Note that all audio settings must be set to use 11025 Hz (11kHz) 8 bit mono PCM in order for Dialogic hardware to work properly.

Dialogic TAPI drivers work for many of the Dialogic boards, and since Active Call Center interacts with those TAPI drivers and not the board itself, we believe that many types of Dialogic hardware should work extremely well with Active Call Center. For Active Call Center compatibility, the key elements to look for in the Dialogic hardware are: (a) the card supports TAPI and (b) the card supports 11 kHz 8 bit linear PCM audio. At last check, Dialogic indicates that the following cards fit these two criteria: D/4PCI, VFX/40ESC+, ProLine/2V, D/21H, D/41H, D/41E, D/41ESC, D/41EPCI, D/41JCT, D/42-NE2, and high density boards D/120JCT-LS, D/160SC, D/160SC-LS, D/160SC-HS, D/240SC, D/240SC-T1, D/240PCI-T1, D/240JCT-T1, D/300SC-E1, D/300PCI-E1, D/300JCT-E1, D/320SC. Please keep in mind that we have not tested each of these boards for compatibility, only the D/4PCI. However, customers have reported success with various models listed above, including the D/120 JCT-LS, D/41, and Proline/2V.

At last check Dialogic TAPI drivers (required for Active Call Center) and documentation are still available Intel at

For assistance on installing Dialogic hardware, refer to the section on Installing Dialogic Telephony Cards or contact your Dialogic vendor. We strongly encourage customers to purchase hardware from CT Distributing (, contact Ashley at +1-864-527-9600); CT Distributing is intimately familiar with Active Call Center/Dialogic installations and can provide technical assistance for configuration issues.

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