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Scaling Active Call Center Deployments

Active Call Center is a readily scalable telephony solution. The software has always been designed to support multiple lines. Starting with version 2.5.0, Active Call Center includes special enhancements that extract maximum performance from today's modern Pentium class and better processors. This allows for more lines to run on the same system without performance degradation.

Since scalable, high density voice telephony systems are extremely expensive (some quotes we have seen have run as high as $100,000 for 36 lines), customers find that they can save tens of thousands of dollars if they can successfully scale an Active Call Center system to meet their application requirements.

With Active Call Center, a customer can start out with one or two lines and later increase to as many as five lines very easily. For customers that need more than five lines of simulatneous operation, there are two alternatives:

Most large scale deployments will have centralized network data servers. Each Active Call Center phone user will effectively act as a client to the network servers, requesting and sending data from the server. A single Active Call Center PC will support as many phone users as there are lines, and this factor should be considered when designing the client-server configuration. Generally speaking, the same techniques that are used in deploying client-server networks can be applied to the multiple-PC Active Call Center installation. Consult your network professionals for more details.

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