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Enterprise Class Telephony

"Enterprise Class Telephony" becomes a reality for small and medium sized businesses with Active Call Center. This chapter discusses issues to consider when deploying reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant "enterprise-class" telephony systems with Active Call Center. Topics discussed in this chapter should be of interest to anyone trying to design a highly reliable voice telephony solution with Active Call Center.

Please keep in mind that as stated in the End-User License Agreement (EULA), Active Call Center Company does not make any guarantees about the performance of Active Call Center and does not make any guarantees about the quality of its documentation (including this chapter). We encourage all Active Call Center users to read the EULA carefully and consult with knowledgeable professionals before making any decisions.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for this chapter are separated by section. After completing this chapter, you should:

Items covered in "Riding the Nines":

Items covered in "Formulating Reliability Targets":

Items covered in "Meeting Reliability Targets with Active Call Center":

Items covered in "Scaling Active Call Center Deployments"

In This Chapter

Riding the Nines

Formulating Reliability Targets

Meeting Reliability Targets with Active Call Center

Scaling Active Call Center Deployments