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SpeakInteractiveWave Variables

SpeakWave variables provide a simple mechanism for playing back audio files to a caller. However, many types of applications require special features for audio playback. For example, modern voice mail applications usually include the following features:

SpeakInteractiveWave features are included in Active Call Center to address each of these needs, within limitations. The limitations of SpeakInteractiveWave variables are as follows:

Description and Usage of the SpeakInteractiveWave Variables

There are three variables used to control interactive wave file playback: SpeakInteractiveWave, SpeakInteractiveWaveCommands, and SpeakInteractiveWaveStarNode. SpeakInteractiveWave variables are always processed after all of the Speak, SpeakWave, Record, SpeakAfterRecord, and SpeakWaveAfterRecord variables. Their usage is as follows:

Example Using SpeakInteractiveWave Variables

An excellent demonstration of the SpeakInteractiveWave variables can be found in the Voice Mail System example in the Examples folder. SpeakInteractiveWave is used during message playback at the Listen_Message, Play_New_Messages, and Play_Saved_Messages Nodes.

To test this example, do the following:

Start Active Call Center and load the Voice Mail System example using File ... Open Call Tree from the menu bar.

If using a telephony card (telephony cards support SpeakInteractiveWave features best) choose Phone Calls ... Monitor Phone Lines from the menu bar. If there is no telephony card, choose Phone Calls ... Simulate Calls from the menu bar.

Call into the system and at the first prompt press 1 to leave a message for Ron. When prompted, record a fairly lengthy message (45 seconds or more in length). After recording, you will be asked if you want to listen to your recorded message. Press 1 to listen to the recorded message.

SpeakInteractiveWave is used to play back the recorded message. Try using some of the special features mentioned above while the message is playing! When finished, send the message and hang up.

Call back into the system, and at the first prompt press 0 to retrieve messages. At the next prompt, press 1 to enter Ron's mailbox. Press 1234 when prompted for the mailbox password.

After successfully entering the password, the system will announce the date and time of the new message. The date and time announcement is made with the SpeakInteractive variable, so you can press # to skip the time/date announcement. The saved message is played with the SpeakInteractive variable, and as before, you can experiment with the special features by pressing various touch tones.

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