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Example Call Trees

Active Call Center includes a number of pre-built examples. Although the examples are mentioned throughout the documentation, this section provides a unifying point of reference for all example Call Trees that ship with Active Call Center. Each of the examples mentioned below can be found in the Examples folder under your Active Call Center program folder (usually in C:\Program Files\Active Call Center\Examples).

Answering Machine

The answering machine example is the example that would be built by working through the Quick-Start Tutorial.

Database Example

The database example demonstrates reading from and writing to an Access 2000 database. More information on integrating databases can be found in the section titled How to Read and Write a Database from a Macro.

EMail Reader

The E-Mail Reader uses Microsoft Outlook 98 or 2000's COM interface to retrieve and read your e-mail. This example requires Outlook 98 or 2000 and will not work with Outlook Express. The E-Mail Reader wizard provides even more functionality for e-mail reading. More information on integrating e-mail applications can be found in the section titled How to Read or Send E-Mail from a Macro.

Fax-Back Server

Two fax-back server examples are included: both use Microsoft Fax. One of the fax-back server examples uses Microsoft Word 97/2000 to fax, the other example uses Microsoft Outlook 98/2000 to fax. More information about creating integrated fax solutions can be found in the section titled How to Integrate Faxing.

Inbound Call Initiates Outbound Call

This example demonstrates how to launch outbound dialing from an inbound call. More information on oubound dialing is found in the chapter on Outbound Calls.

Internet Stock Quotes

This example uses Microsoft Excel 97/2000 and the internet to retrieve stock quotes. Use of this example requires a complete installation of Microsoft Excel 97/2000 and an internet connection. This example also shows how to use the <SpelledWord> template for accepting spoken spelled word input.

Internet Weather

This example uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to retrieve weather. Use of this example requires Microsoft Internet Explorer and an internet connection. This example also demonstrates use of a speech based selection menu. More information on configuring speech based responses can be found in the section title How to Accept Different Types of Responses.

Message Forwarding

The Message Forwarding example demonstrates message delivery. A caller dials into the Message Forwarding Call Tree and leaves a number and records a message, and then the Message Forwarding Outbound Tree is used to deliver the message. Be sure to change the line ID used for outbound dialing in the Macro at the Forward_Message Node to match a valid line on your system.

Outbound Call Survey

The outbound call survey is a tree that can be used to test outbound dialing. It implements a simple political survey and accepts responses by touch tone.

VB6 Integration Example

Visual Basic Programmers: this example will show you how to integrate Visual Basic code and components with Active Call Center. More details on integrating Visual Basic and full instructions to properly use this example are found in the section titled How to Integrate with Visual Basic and Other Development Environments.

Voice Mail to EMail

This example shows how to forward voice messages to e-mail using Microsoft Outlook 98 or 2000. More information on integrating e-mail applications can be found in the section titled How to Read or Send E-Mail from a Macro.

Web Telephony Demo

The Web Telephony example shows how to integrate call-back services into a web site. Full instructions on using this example are in the section titled How to Add Telephony Features to a Web Site.

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