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Troubleshooting Brooktrout TAPI Hardware

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Brooktrout Telephony Cards

Brooktrout was a leading manufacturer of computer telephony hardware. A few years back, Brooktrout purchased Lucent's Rhetorex telephony card business. A few years later, Cantata Technologies acquired the Brooktrout product line. Although many Brooktrout products have been discontinued, many are still available on the secondary market. Customers looking to purchase Brooktrout hardware should contact CT Distributing (, contact Ashley at +1-864-527-9600); CT Distributing is intimately familiar with Active Call Center/Brooktrout installations and can provide technical assistance for configuration issues.

Active Call Center had a partnership with Brooktrout to provide a solution for customers that are seeking high-end telephony performance from Active Call Center. As a result of this partnership, we have extensively tested Active Call Center with Brooktrout Vantage PCI 4L, Vantage PCI 8L, and RDSP 432 boards under Windows 2000 with Brooktrout TAPI Express drivers. Brooktrout drivers will not work in Windows XP and there also seems to be a problem with Windows 2000 SP3. Windows 2000 SP4 does seem to work correctly, although has not been extensively tested as of this release. We suspect Microsoft introduced a bug in SP3 caused driver failure but has corrected that problem with Windows 2000 SP4.

Our tests indicate that both Vantage and RDSP series boards are fully compatible with Active Call Center except for the following: 3-way / conference calling fails and some boards did not provide fax detection to allow fax transfers. The version of the Brooktrout TAPI drivers tested was: version 1.51.3 of the Brooktrout telephony service provider and version 1.36.15 of the Brooktrout TAPI wave drivers. Other Brooktrout hardware we have tested include the RDSP 24000 voice resource boards coupled with the Brooktrout RTNI-2T1 T1 line adapter or the Brooktrout ATI series analog line interface cards.

Brooktrout TAPI drivers for Windows 2000 work for many of the Brooktrout boards, and since Active Call Center interacts with those TAPI drivers and not the board itself, we believe that all Brooktrout hardware that supports TAPI under Windows 2000 should work extremely well with Active Call Center. Older Rhetorex boards that are supported by Brooktrout TAPI Express drivers should also work well with Active Call Center.

Although Brooktrout has discontinued further development of its TAPI drivers and hardware, hundreds of Active Call Center continue to power multi-line systems with Brooktrout hardware.

The Brooktrout Vantage PCI series comes in a 4 line and 8 line version. The Vantage PCI 4 line board that we tested is a depopulated version of the 8 line board. We have successfully tested the Vantage PCI 8L and we have customers that report successfully using the Vantage PCI 8L with Active Call Center. Customers using the Vantage PCI series cards must make sure their system supports 5 volt PCI cards: many of the newer systems support only the newer 3.3 volt PCI cards which do not support TAPI.

Brooktrout TAPI Express drivers are available for download from the Active Call Center website:

Extensive troubleshooting information for the Brooktrout boards is available in the Troubleshooting: Brooktrout Hardware section. For further assistance on installing Brooktrout hardware, refer to the section on Installing Brooktrout Telephony Cards or contact your Brooktrout vendor.

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