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How to Integrate with Visual Basic and Other Development Tools

Active Call Center integrates well with other development tools such as Visual Basic through the use of COM. Here are some ways to integrate Active Call Center with Visual Basic, concepts for other development tools are similar:

Active Call Center does not allow complete integration with Visual Basic. In order to provide maximum stability, Active Call Center provides a "sealed shell" for running telephony applications and only allows direct interfacing with external programs through COM.

Create a COM Object to use with Active Call Center

The basic steps to creating a COM object for use with Active Call Center are as follows (for an ActiveX DLL - ActiveX Exe would be similar):

Note that user interface elements cannot be built into an ActiveX DLL. Use an ActiveX EXE project if user interface elements are a required part of the integration.

An example of a Visual Basic project that can be used with Active Call Center is provided in the "VB6 Integration Example" project in the Examples folder. To test the VB6 Integration Example, follow these steps:

Open the VB6 Integration Example project in Visual Basic 6.

Use File ... Make VB6toACCExample.DLL to build the DLL.

Close Visual Basic.

Open the VB6 Integration Example Call Tree in Active Call Center and begin simulating calls.

Use the Active Call Center API

The Active Call Center Application Programmer's Interface (API) allows direct integration of core telephony features with custom developed application software. The API defines the specific functions used to start the call monitor, to start the simulator, and to perform outbound dialing.

For applications that require seamless integration of telephony features in a "user-proof" environment, the API provides an ideal solution. Specifics of the API are discussed later in Active Call Center API.

Keep in mind that Active Call Center does not include redistributable components - any use of the API requires a complete licensed installation of Active Call Center. Developers that want to redistribute Active Call Center with their application should look into the Active Call Center Runtimes, more information on those is available at the Active Call Center home page.

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