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Initiating Outbound Calls from MS-DOS Applications

Outbound calls can be initiated from MS-DOS applications that run under Windows by using command line options that initiate outbound dialing.

Sample command line syntax for starting outbound dialing is as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Active Call Center\Active Call Center.exe" "C:\Program Files\Active Call Center\MyCallTree.acc" "C:\My Documents\Phone List.txt" -1 -d

The name of the executable file is followed by the name of the Call Tree in quotation marks. The second parameter is the name of a text file that contains a list of phone numbers to dial, one phone number per line. The next parameter indicates the line number to use for outbound dialing: in this case "-1" indicates line 1, "-2" would indicate line 2, etc. "-d" at the end of the command indicates that the software should perform outbound dialing.

Create a text file of phone numbers for use with this feature using Windows Notepad.

Note that using this dialing feature will not actually show the Active Call Center program window: dialing is transparently accomplished through the outbound dialing COM object.

Another way to accomplish outbound dialing from MS-DOS applications is by using the included ACCMultiOutbound component, which is primarily used to do outbound calls on multiple lines simultaneously. For a discussion of this component and its use, refer to the section on Dialing Out on Multiple Lines Simultaneously.

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