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Outbound Dialing COM Object

The ACCOutbound COM object is included with all versions of Active Call Center and facilitates a variety of outbound dialing applications on one line at a time. For simulataneous multi-line dialing applications, please refer to the section on the Power Dialer COM object.

The Active Call Center Outbound Dialing COM object provides thread-safe outbound dialing to features to virtually any application. It's robust design has been tested and deployed in mission-critical applications, including over a dozen units in production use with the United States Navy. Despite its apparent reliability, we ask that you please refer to the License Agreement for limitations and specific exclusions on high-risk activities.

The COM object is used primarily in two types of situations:

  1. The COM object is used when outbound dialing needs to be initiated from an inbound or another outbound call. Examples include:
  2. The COM object is used in situations when an external application needs to be able to start the outbound dialing process. Examples include:

The architecture of the Outbound Dialing COM object allows it to be instantiated simultaneously from many applications or many times from the same application without wasting a lot of extra memory. The unique design of the Outbound Dialing COM object minimizes the chances of crashing the application that calls it: in the unlikely event the dialer object does encounter an error, that error is most likely to leave the rest of the system applications intact. Call requests that are pushed to the COM object are executed sequentially with efficient resource use. These key design features make the Active Call Center Outbound Dialing COM object an ideal tool for adding dialing capabilities to virtually any system.

The text below discusses technical details of the COM object, followed by an example showing how to use the COM object. If the technical details get confusing, look at the example - it should clarify use of the COM object quickly.

Properties and Methods of the COM Object

The COM object for outbound dialing is instantiated using the class name "ACCOutbound.CallMaker". The CallMaker object has the properties listed below, all of which must be set before attempting to make calls:

The ACCOutbound.CallMaker object has two methods:

Note: VBScript does not support the DoEvents statement, so the above code is valid in Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications only.

Example Using the COM Object

Refer to the Inbound Call Initiates Outbound Call example Call Tree for a full example that shows how outbound calls can be started from inbound calls.

In addition, the sample code below shows how to initiate an outbound call using the COM object. This code could be used in an Active Call Center macro, an Excel or other VBA macro, Visual Basic, and VBScript. Note: line breaks may not be correct depending on the media being viewed.

' Declare a variable for the CallMaker object.
Dim MyCallMaker
' Create an outbound call maker.
Set MyCallMaker = _
' Set the call tree to use for these outbound calls.
MyCallMaker.CallTree = _
"C:\Program Files\Active Call Center\Examples\Database Example.acc"
' Set the log file to use for saving data.
MyCallMaker.CallLog = _
"C:\Program Files\Active Call Center\Phone Call Log.mdb"
' Set the default application path:
' note that there is no trailing backslash.
MyCallMaker.AppPath = _
"C:\Program Files\Active Call Center"
' Set the numbers to dial.
' Here there are two numbers,
' separated by a carriage return/line feed.
MyCallMaker.NumbersToCall = "18005551212" + _
vbCrLf + "5551212"
' Set the line to use for outbound dialing.
MyCallMaker.LineID = 1
' This is a string that will be sent
' on to the outbound call and can be
' retrieved later.
MyCallMaker.PassValue = "2+2 = 4."

' Initiate the outbound calls.
' If called from an inbound call, the outbound
' calls won't start until the inbound call ends.

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