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TransferCallTo Variable

The TransferCallTo variable provides call transfer and three-way calling support for telephony cards that support TAPI call transfers or three-way calling. Use of the TransferCallTo variable requires a telephony card - we do not know of a single voice modem that supports TAPI transfers. Voice modem users should refer to the SendModemCommands variable for information on performing call transfers.

In order to use Active Call Center's call transfer features, you must have a PBX or phone system that supports call transfer. Active Call Center will use the computer's telephony card to activate the call transfers features of the PBX. Three-way calling implementations have special requirements, please refer to that section for more details.

Active Call Center can do both blind and announced call transfers. A blind call transfer is a call transfer without regard to whether the party to whom the call is transferred is available or willing to accept the call. An announced call transfer can interact with the party to whom the call is transferred and take action based on feedback from that party (for example, send the call to voice mail).

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Blind Call Transfers

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Three Way (or Conference) Calling

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