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Caller ID Variables

There are two variables that provide Caller ID information to the Call Tree during inbound calls. Caller ID information is only provides when:

Even if the above conditions are met, we have found some situations in which only the Caller ID name is delivered or only the Caller ID number is delivered.

The two Caller ID variables are CallerIDName and CallerIDNumber. The CallerIDName variable will be the name of the caller, if available. CallerIDNumber will be the phone number of the caller, if available.

Both variables are read-only, and they are typically used for conditional processing, for example:

If CallerIDNumber = "5551212" Then
Speak1 = "Hello John"
ElseIf CallerIDNumber = "5551213" Then
Speak1 = "Hello Mary"
Speak1 = "I don't know you."
End If

If there are problems using Caller ID variables, make sure that your telephony device supports Caller ID and that your phone line has Caller ID installed. If both are verified, further troubleshooting information is available in the section on Troubleshooting Caller ID Problems.

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