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Lucent Text-to-Speech Engine

Commercial versions of Active Call Center that support up to 5 lines ship with Lucent Technologies text-to-speech engine. Lucent's award-winning speech technology helps give Active Call Center Call Trees a professional and nearly human voice.

The Lucent text-to-speech engine is highly configurable - all of the following features are adjustable:

This chapter discusses the use and configuration of the Lucent text-to-speech engine.

The Lucent text-to-speech engine that ships with Active Call Center is designed and licensed for use with Active Call Center only. The Lucent text-to-speech engine is not included in the high-end Active Call Center Professional version.

In This Chapter

Selecting Lucent Text-to-Speech Voice and Language

E-Mail Preprocessing

Creating New Voices

Modifying Voices

Amplifying Audio Generated by Lucent Engines