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VBScript Macros

If you haven't done so already, please read the Introduction to Macros and VBScript before beginning this chapter.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, VBScript Macros are an important element of Active Call Center. This chapter is devoted to providing a detailed discussion of Active Call Center Macros.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for this chapter are separated by section. After completing this chapter, you should:

Items covered in "Learning VBScript":

Items covered in "VBScript Resouces":

Items covered in "Variables Used in Macros":

Items covered in "Integrating COM Applications":

Items covered in "Integrating Other Applications":

Items covered in "Testing and Debugging VBScript Macros":

Items covered in "VBScript Built-In Functions":

Items covered in "Automating Windows Tasks":

Items covered in "Call Ending VBScript Macro":

In This Chapter

Learning VBScript

VBScript Resources

Variables Used in Macros

Integrating COM Applications

Integrating Other Applications

Testing and Debugging VBScript Macros

VBScript Built-In Functions (Global Functions)

Automating Windows Tasks

Call Ending VBScript Macro