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Quick-Start Tutorial

Please read all sections of the Introduction before beginning the quick-start tutorial.

The quick-start tutorial is designed to introduce the basics of Active Call Center in about 30 minutes. We recommend working through the tutorial to get hands-on experience with using the Active Call Center user interface. As a courtesy to customers, we offer a video that duplicates that steps in the tutorial at .

The quick-start tutorial will not teach everything there is to know about Active Call Center nor will the tutorial attempt to teach VBScript. For a summary of what to expect from working through this tutorial, refer to the Learning Objectives section.

The finished product from this tutorial is provided for reference. If needed, load the completed tutorial example by opening the Answering Machine Call Tree from the Examples folder as follows:

In This Chapter

Quick-Start Tutorial: Learning Objectives

Quick-Start Tutorial: Instructions

Quick-Start Tutorial: Review Objectives