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Telephony Hardware Manufacturers
Links to sites of various manufacturers of telephony hardware.  We recommend that customers looking to purchase telephony hardware for use with Active Call Center contact CT Distributing at +1-864-527-9600.  CT Distributing has many years of experience with Active Call Center installations and will be able to locate hard-to-find hardware for you.
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  Link   Cantata (the "old" Brooktrout/Rhetorex)
Cantata acquired the Brooktrout product lines. Brooktrout products acquired by Cantata include the old Lucent Rhetorex product line.
  Link   Dialogic / Eicon Networks (the "new" Dialogic)
The Dialogic product line was acquired by Eicon Networks, which changed their name to Dialogic Corp.
  Link   Intel Dialogic (the "old" Dialogic)
Intel used to own the Dialogic line of products. Since then they sold the brand to Eicon Networks, which is what we refer to as the "new" Dialogic.
  Link   ZOOM Technologies Voice Modems
Manufacturers of TAPI compliant voice modems.
  Link   Way2Call Hi-Phone Desktop
Way2Call makes a low-end TAPI compliant IP "voice modem".


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