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When you order a combined hardware/software package through our relationship with CT Distributing, they will analyze your need and quote you a package that includes Active Call Center and compatible hardware.  You'll have the option to get drivers sent to you on CD.  You'll even have the option to buy a fully configured system, pre-installed with the hardware, drivers, and Active Call Center.  CT Distributing provides one year of service and installation/configuration support on all fully configured Active Call Center systems (note: does not include Call Tree programming).  You'll get manufacturer warranty assistance for the hardware, a 30-day return policy (restocking fees may apply, please ask for details), and if needed you'll have the option to purchase support via their ultra-modern remote-support system.

In short, you'll have everything you need from one source that knows exactly what you need, at a competitive price.  It's a really great way to get started.  Review some of the packages we offer on our Products page, or contact CT Distributing for more details ( , +1 864-527-9600, ask for George or Ashley in Sales).

On the other hand, you could go at it on your own.... Consider for a moment the process you will go through to set up your Active Call Center system.

You will need to purchase a license to use Active Call Center software from us.

Then you will need to locate a compatible telephony card.  We have suggestions in our manual, but models and vendors are changing all the time.  In today's world, you'll have to make sure the specifications of the card meet your PC's available slots (PCI 5 volt, PCI 3 volt, ISA, and what else!).  After that, you still have to get drivers and hope that those will work on your operating system with the appropriate service pack.

Already the number of different combinations are starting to get out of control.  If you've done this before, or are very experienced, you may be able to get the hardware configured exactly right the first time.  If not, you may find yourself buying and returning hardware, fighting with driver configurations, and dealing with long wait times for vendor support.  It could turn into a nightmare.

At Active Call Center Co., we do not want you to go through nightmares.  That's why we establish relationships with experienced distributors who know their products, and more importantly, know our product as well.  Give them a call, you'll probably be glad you did!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 February 2009 )
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