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How Does Active Call Center's Technology Differ? PDF Print E-mail

There are many competing IVR software products at or above the price range of Active Call Center.  We have found none that incorporate enterprise-class implementations of high-end features similar to Active Call Center.

Consider for example the ability to customize your IVR with VBScript.  Several popular packages offer this feature.  Some will run a separate executable or Windows Script Host to execute the script code.  Others will use Microsoft's Script Control OCX, which at our last check had performance issues.  True "enterprise class" implementations of scripting capability, such as that found in Active Call Center, require proper integration with the application and operating system: this allows customized script code to execute safely as part of the application.  The efficient implementation of scripting technology gives Active Call Center significantly more scalability than competing products, as well as much better fault tolerance under heavy call loads.

The same applies for speech technology.  Active Call Center was built specifically to use speech technology.  Many other applications added speech technology as an after-thought.  The resulting difference is that the integration of speech technology in Active Call Center is much tighter than it is with competitors.  As before, this robust design translates to much higher reliability.

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 February 2007 )
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