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How Do You Make a Reliable IVR System? PDF Print E-mail

Active Call Center's primary advantage over other IVR applications is reliability.

Before we release Professional Editions of Active Call Center, we do a performance test that is the equivalent of a telephone "denial of service" attack.  On a memory starved, resource strained computer system we configure 24 lines of Active Call Center on an internal digital T1 network.  Using our Power Dialer outbound dialing application, we instantiate calls on all 24 lines... at the same time.

We then start and stop the dialer several times (for good measure), before leaving the dialer to make no less than 100,000 calls to the inbound Active Call Center IVR.  If after all of that Active Call Center is still answering calls, showing a stable memory profile, and showing no other adverse effects, we know our software is ready for distribution.

That's why we have customers that are able to handle 2 million calls on 12 lines over the course of a year, or other customers that are doing 200,000-300,000 calls per month, as evidenced by the customer quote below:

"The product has been in production for about 4 years on the same server and OS install.  I process about 200,000 to 300,000 calls a month, and I can count the downtime in minutes not hours over the last 4 years.  Look forward to future releases of Active Call Center.  Thanks - D.W."

Note that 90 minutes of downtime over 4 years would translate to an uptime percentage of 99.996%*.  Astounding! 


* Your results may vary.  Results not guaranteed.

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 February 2007 )
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