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Active Call Center's primary advantages are reliability and low total cost of deployment.  Customers report that properly configured Active Call Center Professional systems run error-free for long periods of time and  Active Call Center has successfully been used by military agencies and other entities that required fault-tolerant operation.  On the Microsoft Windows platform you will be hard pressed to find a product matching Active Call Center's reliability in any price range.

With your computer, Active Call Center (starting at $399), a good voice modem (about $99 per line) or telephony card (about $129 per line), and a few hours of time you can have a fully functional phone attendant in place.  Most competing products will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more in time and materials. 

 Features and Benefits for the New User

 Features for Handling Incoming Calls

  • Prompt caller with pre-recorded prompts or generated text-to-speech.
  • Accepts touch tone input.
  • Allows recording of audio which can then be saved to WAV files.
  • Supports advanced audio playback features like fast forward/rewind, speed up/slow down, etc.
  • Conditional branching and looping during a call based on caller's responses.
  • Multiple line support is included in the Standard version for up to 5 phone lines.
  • Users that require more than 5 lines can purchase the Professional version.
  • Supports both announced and "blind" call transfers and forwarding .
  • Detailed data about each call is saved to an easy-to-use call log database .
  • Caller ID support and conditional processing based on Caller ID information.
  • Virtually unlimited depth of call paths.

 Features for Making Outbound Calls 

 Features for Customization and Integration

 Text-to-Speech Features

 High Performance Features

  • Optimized to take advantage of modern processor architecture features such as HyperThreading.
  • Runs as a service under Windows 2000/XP for maximum reliability.
  • Provides multiple layers of fault monitoring when run as a service.
  • Readily scalable to more lines for when your business grows!
  • Performance tuning guide included in the documentation.
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