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Active Call Center comes in two flavors: a Standard Edition for development use and small telephony systems, and a Professional Edition specifically designed to operate with high availability even under heavy loads.  Click here for purchase information .

Number of Lines Supported 

The Professional Edition reliably supports up to 96 lines of simultaneous inbound calling under heavy loads.

Text-to-Speech Engine 

The Professional Edition includes the free Microsoft Text-to-Speech engine.  This engine is not reliable under heavy loads, so we offer as an add-on the Lucent Text-to-Speech Engine.  The Lucent Text-to-Speech engine provides reliable, scalable, text-to-speech generation in American English, Canadian and European French, Mexican and Castilian Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin.  We also have the possibility to provide the RealSpeak(TM) Text-to-Speech engine, please inquire for more details.  

Outbound Dialing 

The Professional Edition includes our single line outbound dialing object , which can be integrated with other applications to provide robust outbound calling capability.  For reliable, scalable multi-line dialing applications, a powerful Power Dialer object is available as an add-on.

Runs as a Service 

To provide added fault tolerance, the Professional Edition of Active Call Center can be run as a service.

Hardware / Software Requirements

Active Call Center Professional requires:

  • A Pentium class or better processor, 100 MB hard drive space, and 256 MB of RAM.
  • Sound card, speaker, and microphone for simulating calls.
  • Windows 2000 / XP.  Customers requiring NT4 or Windows 98/ME should send us an inquiry about an older version of Active Call Center.
  • A TAPI 1.4-2.1 compliant telephony card, voice modem, or other device which has wave drivers.  Examples include: ZOOM voice modems, certain models of Dialogic telephony cards, Avaya IP Office, and others.


A single license of Active Call Center Professional Edition is available for $150 per line, with a minimum order of 4 lines (delivery included, taxes not included).  Please review the license agreement.

To Purchase

For details on ordering and delivery, please include your name, address, and telephone number and contact us using this form .  Please remember to include your postal address as taxes in your region may have an impact on how we sell the product.

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