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Welcome to Active Call Center, the easiest telephony software for Microsoft Windows based computers.  Active Call Center enables automated inbound and outbound call processing.  Easily integrated with your existing applications, data, and networks, Active Call Center facilitates exchange of information with telephone callers with a wide array of features such as touch tone recognition, text-to-speech generation, audio recording and playback, and Caller ID.  To download a version for evaluation, click here Click here to view a demonstration video (self-playing Windows executable)

Compared to other products, Active Call Center's primary strengths are its reliability, scalability, ease-of-use, and attractive total cost of operation.

We have designed a simple list of questions to help you decide if Active Call Center is right for you:

Customer Qualification Checklist
Review the items below: if you agree with each item, Active Call Center may be the perfect solution for you! 
Reliability of my telephony application is important.

There are a lot of tools that will allow you to build a telephony application.  Few are stress-tested to the degree of Active Call Center.  For more details, you can read the chapter from our product manual about deploying reliable telephony systems with Active Call Center.

I need a flexible framework for my telephony application.

Nothing is worse than having a telephony system and finding out there are limitations on what it can do.  Active Call Center breaks free from limitations by providing an incredibly flexible Call Tree mechanism.  Additional flexibility is provided by allowing you to write code in VBScript that can perform a nearly infinite number of tasks.

I have some degree of technical skill.

Configuration of a reliable telephony system involves some degree of skill.  We have an extensive product manual and a long history of questions and answers in our support forums.  These are valuable resources designed to provide valuable information to do-it-yourselfers, programmers, and technically savvy computer users.  If you lack the time or skill to build your own Active Call Center solution, you may contact us for a quote on custom development.

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