Active Call Center IVR Developer Edition includes an evaluation mode.  Try it today!

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Active Call Center comes in two versions: Standard and Professional. The Standard version is perfect for a small IVR system of up to five lines that is expected to handle less than 100 calls per day. For systems that require high availability under heavier call loads, Active Call Center Professional is the best choice.

Since hardware selection, installation, and configuration are usually the most difficult part of an Active Call Center installation, we strongly advise new customers to consider one of our bundled hardware and software solutions.


Service Contracts and Technical Support 7634
Active Call Center Hardware and Software Bundled Package 15664
Active Call Center IVR Developer Edition (Trial Available) 8715
Active Call Center Standard Edition 14741
Active Call Center Professional Edition 12288
Power Dialer for Active Call Center Professional 7843
Caller ID ActiveX Control 13818
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